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polski (firma prawnicza)english (legal company)

company Consorcium is a team of young lawyers with perennial job experience that can ensure proficient and complex activities on behalf of client's enterprise and, above all, an individual approach to each case in the scope of widely understood legal service and debt recovery. gather young, creative and dynamic solicitors who are characterized by rich legal knowledge, considerable experience, perfect orientation in regulations in force, commitment to undertaken projects, novelty of implemented solutions and very good work organization. believe that eventual cooperation with Legal Company Consorcium s.c. Borowy & Strojek and team of counselors would bring you substantial benefits through lowering costs of enterprise, solving the problem of unpaid debts, securing professional legal support and guarantee of quality of service.

Consorcium (kancelaria prawna, Wrocław; windykacja, Wrocław)  *  ul. Wita Stwosza 15a