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polski (firma prawnicza)english (legal company)

in the domain of debt collection which is performed in four stages:-arbitration proceedings,-legal proceedings,-preenforcement arbitration proceedings,-enforcement proceedings (conducted by Polish debt collectors with our active participation). of our activities and considerable efficacy are guaranteed by fastness, proficiency and determination in arbitration and legal proceedings as well as great commitment to enforcement proceedings. counsel you how to effectively secure receivables to level economic risk. case of debt recovery order our assets are low commission only from enforced amounts and lack of preliminary payments. We deem it is the most honest solution we can offer you. The commission amount is always individually negotiated and subject to the sum of asserted claim and time elapsed since payment deadline.Within our chambers we take court action regarding payment. If legal proceedings do not lead to debt payment we direct a proposal for initiating enforcement proceedings. conclusion we should stress that costs of legal and enforcement representation in economic proceedings are payable only in case of retrieving the money. Therefore if our actions prove ineffective we are not entitled to any remuneration.

Consorcium (kancelaria prawna, Wrocław; windykacja, Wrocław)  *  ul. Wita Stwosza 15a