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polski (firma prawnicza)english (legal company)

Team runs current and complex legal service of enterprises and private persons in the scope of:- civil law, - economic law, - labour law, - administrative law, - financial law, - banking law, - bill and cheque law, - bankruptcy and agreement law. points out that on account of individualized nature of each legal service based on each Client's activity specificity and, above all, possible range of potential legal issues that can occur in your activity - choice of a service that is the best for a company, means to provide it and bases of remuneration will be possible after you specify your requirements.We offer to our Potential Clients signing a continuous legal support agreement in which we specify expected monthly limit of our Chambers work time and relevant outright remuneration. Amount of the remuneration represents Client's constant monthly payment provided that service time does not exceed limit settled in the agreement. For this reason it is desirable to examine Client's needs before covenanting to optimize legal support cost. Cooperation may base on single orders. We do our best for our services to deserve being described as solid, reliable and accomplished on time.

Consorcium (kancelaria prawna, Wrocław; windykacja, Wrocław)  *  ul. Wita Stwosza 15a