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Debt recovery
Monitoring / Non-commission debt collection
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Preventive stamp

like to offer you a new service of subscription arbitration proceedings without commission for collected packet of receivables. debt recovery is a service directed to entrepreneurs who - on account of massive character of operation - continually encounter the problem of unpunctual debt settlements by their clients. is probably the most beneficial form of managing your receivables because it connects debt recovery lead professionally by experienced lawyers with economical element facilitating a decision to forward a case for debt collection, i.e. the fact we do not charge commissions from enforced amounts. of entrusting control over settlement of receivables in the Client's enterprise to an external subject rests on limiting costs relevant to handling receivables. Client's costs of service when it is outsourced are much lower than the ones they would have to bear undertaking those activities on their own (employment and relevant direct and indirect costs, furnishing a place to work and training responsible people etc.) Such cooperation yields such visible effects as considerable liquidity improvement and minimal accumulation of unpaid invoices. within a monthly subscription involves:- amicable debt collection of packet of issues (depending on chosen subscription) without assessing a commission after effective debt enforcement, independent of a payment deadline and amount of a receivable (with no additional fees). It includes directing requests for payments and telephone contact with a debtor.- delivery of preventive seal during subscription period (with no additional fees).Preventive stamp is a basic tool forewarning contractors of being behind with payment for an invoice. The seal is then impressed on the invoice and informs your clients about the consequences of not settling a receivable on time.

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