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polski (firma prawnicza)english (legal company)

you a preventive seal you can use to discipline your debtors. Our company delivers a stamp with a text stated by a client (after its contents has been approved by Consorcium) or proposed by us. The benefits of using the stamp are among the following:-showing that the firm settles its payments on time and requires the same from its contractors, -indicate to the receiver of an invoice that all receivables are monitored and required in the specified payment deadline,-the least delay results in taking the case over by the specialized company, -dishonest contractor is going to suffer all the consequences of detention (interest, debt collection costs, legal exprenses). to link the above solution up to receivables recovery service if applying the stamp does not produce the expected outcome.

Consorcium (kancelaria prawna, Wrocław; windykacja, Wrocław)  *  ul. Wita Stwosza 15a